Thinking About LASIK? Meet One of LASIK’s Pioneers...Right Here in Atlanta

You’re here because LASIK is on your mind, and you’re looking for the best LASIK surgeon in the Atlanta area. Well, look no further than Dr. Doyle Stulting of Woolfson Eye Institute.

Who is Dr. Stulting?

Simply put, he’s a LASIK pioneer whose opinion is so highly valued that companies frequently ask him to oversee clinical trials aimed at the advancement of LASIK and other procedures.

As a 29-year veteran of Emory University with over 200 papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, Dr. Stulting is not only one of the most (if not the most) qualified LASIK surgeons in Georgia. He’s a global thought leader on the topic.

In fact, Dr. Stulting is frequently out of the country educating clinicians around the world on the latest advances in LASIK and other procedures that will improve patient care.

He’s been asked to speak in China, Japan, Korea, Russia, New Zealand, most of the countries in South America, and even Iran. To learn more about Dr.Stulting and why you should consider him as your LASIK surgeon of choice, click here to keep reading.